Learning through play

Playing is learning

Children take over the world in a fun way. Everything they see, hear and feel instantly turns into a game. For this reason, in our preschool, it is all about playing. «Kids Residence» makes children’s games the basis of learning and integrates it in all educational processes and educational topics. Among other games, we offer music, language, experimental, role-playing, movement, relaxation, perception and reaction games. Children are curious about their environment and they take part actively in it by using their abilities. They focus and observe the effects of their own actions. They discover coherence and learn to interact and coexist with other playmates. Thus, children grow emotionally and socially. In addition to inspiring games and learning materials, «Kids Residence» offers children a safe environment. Children have the opportunity to take time and utilize immense space to get involved in various games.

Developing personality

The staff at «Kids Residence» are considered educational supporters. They give children space, time and attention they need to develop their personality. They encourage the initiative of children, pay attention to their well-being and boost their self-esteem. Our teachers are aware of their role as a model. They inspire the children and encourage them to explore the world. They deepen and broaden the children’s interests and always have an open ear for their questions and concerns.

Developing talents

Every child is talented and has unique talents. Children’s talents lie in the things they like to do often and where they show above-average interest. Our teachers support and encourage the children to discover life journeys. They give necessary open spaces to the children to develop their talents, strengths and resources at the highest level, so they can intensely focus on their interests.