Plenty of space to feel great.

In the large and spacious rooms in „Kids Residence„ children have many opportunities to develop.

Living and Creative Rooms

We designed the living and creative rooms according to our early childhood concept. We modify these rooms continuously with new, inspiring learning oases. The learning islands can be changed by the children and teachers repeatedly into a library, kitchen, dental lab or in a castle island for example. This encourages children to discover and explore in a fun and challenging way.

Sleeping and Snoozing Rooms

The bedrooms and snoozing rooms offer the children different retreat and relaxation opportunities. Light, water and mirrors provide a soothing atmosphere. The children can collect sensory impressions and enjoy peace and relaxation. The sleep atmosphere is achieved with relaxing music and their own sleep comfort items such as stuffed animals, «blankies» and «pacifiers».

Kids Restaurant BEARcave

Just like adults, children enjoy eating in a room with a pleasant ambiance. This includes adequate time and space, pleasing light and appealing wall and table decorations. In the children’s restaurant «BEARcave« children enjoy fresh daily, healthy and tasty meals together with their teachers.

Movement and Exercise Room PLAYgym

In our movement and exercise room the children can move around, swing, climb, roll, balance, jump up and down, run, crawl, and much more. Various climbing levels, climbing frames, roller bikes and cars invite children for enjoyable games and adventures daily.

 Music and Theater Room STARstage

In our music and theater room «STARstage» children can experiment with various musical instruments such as piano, guitar and violin to play into the world of music. Using various materials such as chiffon scarves, balloons and handcrafted props, the children learn to move around the room and express themselves playfully and creatively to music.

Computer and Discovery Room GENIUSlab

In our computer and discovery room children are motivated to experiment and explore the four elements of water, earth, air and fire. The children learn in everyday life by watching and trying things: What floats on top of water and what sinks? What happens when they light a candle? Through repetition, children acquire and build skills for their lifetime that contribute to self-discovery. In the Computer and Discovery Room children can start their first steps on the computer from 3 years and up. Different learning games such as wordplay books, memory and picture dominos teach children language in a playful way.

Garden Playground BEARadise

Our garden playground is a little paradise. Slides, swings, a trampoline, sandpit and playhouse invite children to play and romp around. Our teachers take children outside every day and in any weather. The fresh air strengthens the immune system and the sunlight helps to produce vitamin D, which are very important for healthy development and bone growth of children. Running, jumping, climbing, bouncing and balancing strengthen not only the motor abilities but also mental abilities. Movement and intellectual development are unavoidably linked.

Nature rich environment

The playful experience of nature is the basis to explore the environment and to love and appreciate it. A two minute walk from «Kids Residence» inspires adventurous excursions at the Nature Park Sihl. Bordering the forest is a farm with large meadows where children may encounter various animals such as horses, cows, donkeys, sheep, chickens, geese and cats. The «Park in the Green» is just a five minute walk away. There, we visit puppet shows regularly, take a ride on the little train and take part in pony rides.