At «Kids Residence» your child’s learning is fostered.

Child’s development portfolio

In «Kids Residence» every child has their own development portfolio. This records the learning and development processes throughout the preschool years: what a child says, does and asks. In addition, we gather works and memories of the child such as photos, videos, worksheets, and favorite stories in the portfolio. The book is a beautiful reminder of the time in our preschool and offers children the opportunity to see their own development and to reflect on their experiences.

Pedagogic Observation

Small children are in a phase of life in which they develop rapidly. The younger the child, the less able they may be in communicating their needs and concerns. For this reason, our teachers perceive the children holistically and consciously in everyday situations. Through systematic, objective and targeted observation, we can better discover and nurture interests, skills and talents of children.

Development meeting with parents

We invite parents every 6 months for a development meeting at «Kids Residence». During this meeting , the parents learn more about the talents, interests and strengths of their children exhibited in the enviroment. We use the observation forms and personal portfolio of the child to illustrate examples. The conversation helps both parents and teachers to understand better and assess the child’s development. It serves as a foundation to define the next targets and opportunities for further development together.