We Consider Everything.

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Health Awareness

Nutrition, body awareness, hygiene, sleep and relaxation are integrated into the „Kids Residence“ everyday life. This ensures the children a maximum quality of life, well-being and performance.

Start Bilingual

Bilingualism makes children more flexible, eloquent and open to other cultures. According to scientific research, the optimal period for learning a language is before the age of four. For this reason Kids Residence provides a bilingual German and English speaking teacher for each group, and we are consistent with that from the start.

Music World

Music attracts kids in their early days. The hearing sense is the only organ that is fully formed before birth. «Kids Residence» promotes the joy of music and accompanies everyday situations with a matching song such as a tooth brushing song, a hand washing song and a lullaby. The active use of music encourages and nurtures the overall personality of children, such as their imagination, creativity, attentive listening, social and cognitive skills, cultural identity and intercultural skills, body awareness and motor skills.

Let’s Move

Movement is a basic need and a vital part of everyday life and learning. «Kids Residence» supports fun movement with various games and exercise in our «PLAYgym» room. Children also find various possibilities to move in the garden playground. In addition «BEARadise» trips are taken into the forest, zoo excursions, and occasionally children enjoy swimming and kid’s yoga.

Math Counts

The world is full of mathematics. «Kids Residence» has factored in early mathematical education. Our teachers instill the fun and joy of mathematics, which enables children to learn with age-appropriate methodology to comprehend numbers, patterns and shapes.

Creative Arts

Creative design trains and promotes motor skills and unique ways of thinking. Conscious and age-appropriate design is an important part of «EarlySteps» in «Kids Residence». Creative arts arouse interest in art and theatre and helps the children to discover their talents and express themselves artistically.

Science Rocks

With various experiments and excursions into nature, our teachers helps to raise the children’s interest and awareness for science and physical phenomena. On these occasions, the children can always ask questions about nature. Teachers provide answers through experiments and research.

Interactive Media

Children who learn early how to use the computer can often become more self-determined and socially responsible later in life. In «Kids Residence» children learn from 3 years to understand the computer as a technical product by using it to explore their own needs and interests. Our kids computer games encourage creativity, concentration, musical and cognitive performance.